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Artsee in the City is an early stage curating agency that helps uprising artists to elevate their values through exhibit and sell their work in local business venues like cafes, restaurants, or anywhere that has an available wall. 

Mission statements 

To be the biggest broker that create an effective channel that raise the recognition and elevate the value of uprising artists.

Vision Statement    

Appreciating art is not exclusive to the rich. It is a natural instinct for everyone.

Online Exhibition


We provide opportunities for people to appreciate the art piece by simply support with a bit of money through our website. This will be some extra fund for artists to keep focusing on creating art while having Artsee take them approaching to their next exhibition. 

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We are open to all kinds of sponsorship and collaboration opportunities. If you have an available space and would like to support local artists. Here we are.

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About Us

Artsee in the city is dedicated to be the only broker that creates an effective channel for Art Exhibition in Seattle. We help uprising artists to exhibit their original art in Seattle local businesses who is looking for better decors and aesthetic improvements to impress their customers while helping unknown artists to gain better market value and raise their reputation. 

Artsee in the City

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